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This is a solo law firm that accepts a limited number of clients to maximize your results and enhance your experience. You will feel important and taken care of if you decide to let me handle your case. 

Caring. Transparent. Thorough.

If you are researching personal injury attorneys either you or a loved one is likely going through a very stressful time. It is my goal to take some of that stress off your plate and fight the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible, you need someone on your side that knows how to present the facts of your case to maximize the value of your case. 

About Jacqueline

Bilingual Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer in California

When an injury caused by someone else’s negligence disrupts your life, it can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re burdened with lost wages, medical appointments, and mounting bills. Let me be your guiding light in this challenging time, relieving your stress by handling insurance companies and medical providers on your behalf. I am dedicated to protecting you from being taken advantage of and ensuring that your rights are safeguarded. With transparency as a priority, I will clearly explain what you can expect throughout the entirety of your case. Rest assured, my ultimate goal is to secure the compensation you rightly deserve. Together, let’s navigate this journey and restore balance to your life.

Based on my experience, insurance companies often fail to give claims the attention they deserve until a skilled attorney intervenes. Their strategy may involve presenting low settlement offers, hoping to exhaust your patience or time constraints. It is crucial to understand that you have a limited window of two years from the date of the accident to either accept a settlement offer or file a lawsuit to safeguard your rights and seek the rightful compensation you are entitled to. Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you—let me step in to protect your interests and ensure that your claim is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Why Choose Ledesma Law as your
Personal Injury & Accident Law firm?

No Fee Unless You Win

Experience peace of mind with our services as we operate on a "we don't get paid unless you get paid" basis, ensuring that our focus is solely on your success and securing the compensation you deserve. With no risk of owing attorney fees if we don't win your case, you can trust us to relentlessly fight for you.

Maximize Your Recovery

Experience the feeling of having an attorney who is dedicated to maximizing settlements through a combination of exceptional writing skills, meticulous attention to detail, and effective negotiation techniques. With a genuine commitment to your case, I strive to convey its essence through persuasive legal arguments that leave no detail overlooked. By meticulously examining every aspect, I work tirelessly to identify opportunities for a stronger claim. When it comes to negotiation, I am a strategic force, tirelessly advocating for your best interests, and relentlessly pursuing the highest possible settlement. Rest assured that your case is handled by someone who values your well-being above all else. Let me use my skills to fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve, while you focus on healing and moving forward.

Areas of Practice

There are many types of cases that a personal injury attorney can help you with. Below is a list of the most common ones.

Car Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Dog Bites

Slip and Fall