About Us

Bilingual Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer in California

Throughout the beginning of my legal career, I've noticed a common theme. For some attorneys, profits are often more important than quality of service. The major reason I decided to start my own law firm was to have complete control of how clients are treated. If I feel like I've reached my limit, I will not accept more clients just to increase profits. My main focus will always be the client and their needs.
Jacqueline Ledesma
Attorney at Law

My History

My family and I moved to Los Angeles, from Costa Rica, when I was 8 years old. This is when I started to learn English for the first time. I was at a disadvantage so I decided to work hard and master the English language. I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in English, which is an advantage when I write demands for insurance companies requesting top dollar for my clients. Since I graduated law school in 2017, I have worked at an immigration law firm and a personal injury law firm. Both fields were very rewarding and I eventually want to provide services in both areas. For now, my main focus will be personal injury cases.

Your decision to trust me with your case comes with plenty of advantages over going with a big firm. I’m new to the game and have everything to prove. You will have all of my focus and energy throughout the life of your case. I’ve heard form clients of big firms and they hardly ever talk to the attorney and they don’t feel taken care of. The big firms will not prioritize your case if you don’t have a case that’s worth their time. 

Why Choose Ledesma Law As Your Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer?

You’ll be represented by an attorney who truly wants you to feel taken care of. I’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve while shielding you from the majority of the stress that comes with dealing with insurance companies. 

No Fee Unless You Win

You'll see this in bold lettering on your retainer agreement. You will not have any attorney fees if you don't recover any money.

Maximize Case Value

I have excellent writing skills that will paint an accurate description of your injuries and damages. Once the insurance companies know the extent of the injuries and damages you've suffered, the offers should start rolling in.